29 May 2013

Summer days go like....

6:59 PM

If you've been with me here at The Virtuous Home for awhile now, you know from last summer just how much I love summer!  I'm a warm weather, eating dinner on the patio, sunshine kind of girl.  Ya'll can keep your cold weather.  If I could live in the islands...I would.
My dress - Old Navy, My Shoes - Target, His Shirt & Shorts - Old Navy, His Hat & Shoes - Children's Place
Summer is meant to be lived.  Which means for me relaxing at the pool.

..and enjoying lots of wine (although I do that year round!)

...and deciding in the middle of the day that I want a margarita and Mexican food.

Did I tell you how much I love summer?  Look at my cutie Munchkin here.  I can't wait for our family portraits to come back.

Hat - Children's Place, Shirt - Old Navy, Shorts - Old Navy, Shoes - Children's Place

24 May 2013


7:35 PM
Every week I check out Eboni over at the Fashionista Next Door to see what her inspiration of the week will be for her #stylemefriday series.  I have yet to actually participate in any of the challenges...because I was unwilling to rush out to purchase pieces to make an outfit work.  

I've been working home the past two days while my Munchkin is in between school ending and summer camp, so admittedly I've been under dressed in the house both days.  At about noon today I decided it was time for me to log-off, get dressed, and hang with my Munchkin and niece.

While combing through my closet I remembered the inspiration for the week and figured I could pull it off.  Here's my take at the denim on denim look.

Vest: Old - Express, Shoes: Old - Steve Madden
Clutch: Rae in Black by Grace Adele. Sold here.

23 May 2013

Paint My Walls

7:13 PM

Last Sunday, while debating whether to go to church or not, I sat in bed drinking my coffee watching the Soul Series on OWN.  Oprah was chatting with Ms. Maya Angelou (two of my favorite women).  There were so many nuggets of inspiration and wisdom that were shared in this one conversation.  My note app on my phone is full.  (If you follow me on instagram @niecytaylor you've seen me sharing some there.

On Tuesday, I woke up early to drive to Roswell, NM (home of the aliens and UFO's) for a domestic violence coalition member meeting.  My spirit was in a really good mood, besides being away from my Munchkin for a day and night.  About halfway into my trip a friend sent me a text of a post my ex made on Facebook that was really casting me in a negative light.  My dear friend was furious.  Saying please use this as defamation in court.  I was calm.  My how much I have grown in the past 3 1/2 years.  I simply said "it's not worth my energy".

After being in the car for 3 hours, I arrived in Roswell, found the Starbucks, fueled up and started driving down Main Street to head to my meeting at the Eastern New Mexico University Roswell campus.  While driving down Roswell's cutesy Main Street, I spotted a beautiful painting.

I pulled over to admire the painting, and it reminded me of words I heard Mama Angelou speak on Sunday.  They resonate so loud with me, and on Tuesday, when I had every reason to be furious, I remembered them.  I CHOOSE what takes my energy.  I CHOOSE what to allow in my space. Oprah was recalling a time she was at a gathering at Ms. Angelou's home, and someone was speaking derogatory about someone else.  She remembers Ms. Angelou coming in the room and asking the folks to leave.


You don't paint my walls with poison.
Maya Angelou

20 May 2013

Updated Wishlist

4:00 AM
Last year I posted my running wishlist and all the things I wanted to get for my new hobby.  I have gotten some of the things from that list, but a few of the higher end items I still haven't gotten like the Garmin.

Of course, as I fall more in love with running and now my yoga practice...the stream of new gear and gadgets gets bigger and bigger.  Here are two of my most wanted items right now:

1. Garmin 210 GPS in White

As I'm starting to run longer distances and focus more on my pace, I want to have something actually on my wrist.  I love the Nike Run app and it's a fun social tool, but I don't like running with my phone in my hand and checking it for your pace can be a doozy.

2. Affirmats Yoga Mats

 I first learned of this company when they followed me on instragram, but who wouldn't want to practice on a mat with messages like:

i am healthy
i am wealthy
i am love

i am 
wonderfully made


look how

I seriously need to add a "hobbyist" line to my budget.

What's on your wish list?

19 May 2013

18 May 2013

Mother's Day 2013

4:49 PM
I love Mother's Day. Not for the commercialization of it, but because its a day that gets us mom's to slow down and think about just how awesome we really are.

This year, my Munchkin came in my room and told me he had hidden a card somewhere in my room and I'd have to find it. He's such a little prankster and brat. Making me search for my Mother's Day card. He then told me I was the best Mommy in the world and he'd always have my back.

Which really meant jumping on my back so I could take him downstairs to eat.
Shortly after my wishes from my Munchkin, I received a text from h.i.m. saying "Good morning. Happy Mother's Day". I responded with a thank you. I didn't realize I had something waiting for me downstairs. He mentioned that I should have received something. I ran down stairs to find this beautiful bouquet. It touched me so deeply because of his thoughtfulness. It is nice to have someone in your life who honors what I view as my most sacred purpose....to be my son's mother.

We went to church, and then out to eat afterwards.  I really am just so grateful for this life.

My  nephew Caden, my son, and me.  The boys are 7 months apart. Yes, Munchkin wore his cowboy boots on the wrong foot the entire day.  Wouldn't be an appropriate Mother's Day if I had recognized that.
My beautiful sister, mom, and I. I had long kicked off my heels.  They killed.

I never allow a Mother's Day go by without remembering my sister friends who desire to be mothers.  Those who are in waiting, those who have fertility issues at this moment, those who have miscarriaged.  All day long I thought about Sarah's promise and how God hears each of your prayers, and I believe He hears my prayers for you.  Love.
My gift. Days after coming home from the hospital June 2008,

16 May 2013


4:00 AM
Grace Adele, one of our amazing Scentsy Family Brands, is hostin ga #galovethislook contest on Instagram this week.  The idea is for folks to snap pictures of themselves styling their Grace Adele products and must include a face along with a full image of the product.  How fun, right?!

My go to bag is the Sarah in Black.  It's classic. A perfect size for me to haul all the stuff I carry and it also reminds me of the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote but just at a fraction of the cost (and with a lifetime warranty).

So I found myself in yet another hotel conference room at a training.  The Courtyard by Marriott in Albuquerque has a gorgeous courtyard that I enjoy during lunch.

Here are a few shots from my first submission for the #galovethislook.

15 May 2013

Prayer and Release

4:00 AM

 This scripture is my everything.  I have written about how heady I can be sometimes....to the point of sabotaging a good thing.  I'm there right now.

Life is so good.  In fact, I was driving today thinking to myself..."self, what a wonderful feeling it is to be in love with YOUR own life".  God has gone above and beyond in answering my prayers....yet sometimes when I get in the stillness of it all....I allow my mind to talk me out of that goodness.

Have you ever been there?

I'm working, daily in all honesty, to be mindful of my thoughts, and to shut down negative, self-defeating, sabotaging talk.  This is hard, silent work that goes on on the inside.  I can tell you from first hand...it's not easy work.  At times, like at this moment, I want to cry.  Not cry because anything bad happened, but just to release this emotion I can't assign a name to right now.  Am I missing someone? Do I feel something is missing?  I do not know....but I know that I can keep my mind on the good things....until these feelings go away.

I don't write this for sympathy.  I have always tried to be really upfront.  I don't want to give just the spotlight of the movie reel of my life and act like living a life of joy, peace and harmony doesn't take silent, intentional, and sometimes painful work.

Prayer and release. Prayer and release.  Prayer and release.

14 May 2013

Daily Practice

5:07 AM
One of my goals over the past few months was to practice my pincha and my handstand every single day. My pincha because I wanted to learn to not thrust myself into the air and my handstand because...well..I simply can't figure out how to get upside down on my hands.

When I was in Baltimore at the beginning of last month, I was practicing my pincha in the hotel room and I toppled over and bruised my leg. I stopped practicing it. (So yogi like, I know). So last night I started practicing it again. Wow was it rough. Taking a month off from practicing this has been rough!

Look at that alignment. Yowza!

12 May 2013

Banana Split

6:34 PM
I got the idea for this from @fitmencancook on Instagram. Total indulgence. Totally ok.

1 medium banana
2 scoops of greek yogurt
2 strawberries
A handful of blackberries or blueberries
1 spoonful of melted peanut butter drizzled on top (I added this)


10 May 2013

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