18 May 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I love Mother's Day. Not for the commercialization of it, but because its a day that gets us mom's to slow down and think about just how awesome we really are.

This year, my Munchkin came in my room and told me he had hidden a card somewhere in my room and I'd have to find it. He's such a little prankster and brat. Making me search for my Mother's Day card. He then told me I was the best Mommy in the world and he'd always have my back.

Which really meant jumping on my back so I could take him downstairs to eat.
Shortly after my wishes from my Munchkin, I received a text from h.i.m. saying "Good morning. Happy Mother's Day". I responded with a thank you. I didn't realize I had something waiting for me downstairs. He mentioned that I should have received something. I ran down stairs to find this beautiful bouquet. It touched me so deeply because of his thoughtfulness. It is nice to have someone in your life who honors what I view as my most sacred purpose....to be my son's mother.

We went to church, and then out to eat afterwards.  I really am just so grateful for this life.

My  nephew Caden, my son, and me.  The boys are 7 months apart. Yes, Munchkin wore his cowboy boots on the wrong foot the entire day.  Wouldn't be an appropriate Mother's Day if I had recognized that.
My beautiful sister, mom, and I. I had long kicked off my heels.  They killed.

I never allow a Mother's Day go by without remembering my sister friends who desire to be mothers.  Those who are in waiting, those who have fertility issues at this moment, those who have miscarriaged.  All day long I thought about Sarah's promise and how God hears each of your prayers, and I believe He hears my prayers for you.  Love.
My gift. Days after coming home from the hospital June 2008,

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