23 May 2013

Paint My Walls

Last Sunday, while debating whether to go to church or not, I sat in bed drinking my coffee watching the Soul Series on OWN.  Oprah was chatting with Ms. Maya Angelou (two of my favorite women).  There were so many nuggets of inspiration and wisdom that were shared in this one conversation.  My note app on my phone is full.  (If you follow me on instagram @niecytaylor you've seen me sharing some there.

On Tuesday, I woke up early to drive to Roswell, NM (home of the aliens and UFO's) for a domestic violence coalition member meeting.  My spirit was in a really good mood, besides being away from my Munchkin for a day and night.  About halfway into my trip a friend sent me a text of a post my ex made on Facebook that was really casting me in a negative light.  My dear friend was furious.  Saying please use this as defamation in court.  I was calm.  My how much I have grown in the past 3 1/2 years.  I simply said "it's not worth my energy".

After being in the car for 3 hours, I arrived in Roswell, found the Starbucks, fueled up and started driving down Main Street to head to my meeting at the Eastern New Mexico University Roswell campus.  While driving down Roswell's cutesy Main Street, I spotted a beautiful painting.

I pulled over to admire the painting, and it reminded me of words I heard Mama Angelou speak on Sunday.  They resonate so loud with me, and on Tuesday, when I had every reason to be furious, I remembered them.  I CHOOSE what takes my energy.  I CHOOSE what to allow in my space. Oprah was recalling a time she was at a gathering at Ms. Angelou's home, and someone was speaking derogatory about someone else.  She remembers Ms. Angelou coming in the room and asking the folks to leave.


You don't paint my walls with poison.
Maya Angelou

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