29 May 2013

Summer days go like....

If you've been with me here at The Virtuous Home for awhile now, you know from last summer just how much I love summer!  I'm a warm weather, eating dinner on the patio, sunshine kind of girl.  Ya'll can keep your cold weather.  If I could live in the islands...I would.
My dress - Old Navy, My Shoes - Target, His Shirt & Shorts - Old Navy, His Hat & Shoes - Children's Place
Summer is meant to be lived.  Which means for me relaxing at the pool.

..and enjoying lots of wine (although I do that year round!)

...and deciding in the middle of the day that I want a margarita and Mexican food.

Did I tell you how much I love summer?  Look at my cutie Munchkin here.  I can't wait for our family portraits to come back.

Hat - Children's Place, Shirt - Old Navy, Shorts - Old Navy, Shoes - Children's Place


  1. Mr lil man is rocking that outfit. I love summer but I cant lie I love the cold weather too. #CuddleWeather


    1. Thank you! I hear you about cuddling season but my h.i.m. lives 2,000 miles away!


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