20 May 2013

Updated Wishlist

Last year I posted my running wishlist and all the things I wanted to get for my new hobby.  I have gotten some of the things from that list, but a few of the higher end items I still haven't gotten like the Garmin.

Of course, as I fall more in love with running and now my yoga practice...the stream of new gear and gadgets gets bigger and bigger.  Here are two of my most wanted items right now:

1. Garmin 210 GPS in White

As I'm starting to run longer distances and focus more on my pace, I want to have something actually on my wrist.  I love the Nike Run app and it's a fun social tool, but I don't like running with my phone in my hand and checking it for your pace can be a doozy.

2. Affirmats Yoga Mats

 I first learned of this company when they followed me on instragram, but who wouldn't want to practice on a mat with messages like:

i am healthy
i am wealthy
i am love

i am 
wonderfully made


look how

I seriously need to add a "hobbyist" line to my budget.

What's on your wish list?

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