25 June 2013

#lessonsfromGideon - Week 1

I am excited because this study has been full of so many valuable nuggets.  I mean jam packed!  From the very first devotional by Beth two weeks ago...it gets better and better and better!

First let me just say, I LOVE PRISCILLA! She is so cute. So passionate. Such a great teacher.  When I watched the first session I was pleasantly surprised by her spirit. 

Like I said - there are so many nuggets in these lessons.  The foundation of this study is built on the notion that Gideon is among a nation of people who have stopped moving forward.  Can you imagine living among a people who have stopped moving forward?  Have you ever stopped moving forward? Oh I have. 

Priscilla challenges us.  Challenged me to the core.  She talks about how the next generation of Israelites did not know what their God had brought them through.  They did not know who their God was, therefore they didn't live up to the promise.  I thought about this for a long time because it is our responsibility to raise up the next generation of believers....of people with a passion and a fire to serve God.  Am I doing this?  Is my son learning who God is?  Does he have a passion for what God has done?  I recognize that is my responsibility.  As Priscilla says, "we have to make it our business to impress upon our children who God is". 

Here are some of my lessons from the first session:

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