03 June 2013

May Running Recap

Is it really already time to write a May recap!  Wow....this year is honestly flying by.

I started my May off running with a member of the Jamaican National team who attends my church, Mardrea.  She is amazing...and does a walk/run club weekly at our church.   She walks with those who are walking to encourage them to pick up the pace, then sprints ahead to catch up to those who are running.  At one point I looked at my watch and we were running a 6:10 pace...a light pace for her...and I freaked out.  It definitely was one of the highlights of my month.

I also started doing some track work because it makes it easier for me to hang out with my Munchkin and get a run in.  I ran 800s at my hopeful 5k pace, which was a training regimen from this month's Runner's World magazine.
Running on the track hurts!  I had what felt like developing shin splints for the next few days...but how can anyone resist trying to figure out a way to work out with this cutie?

I am so happy now that summer is here and Munchkin doesn't have to be to school at 7:45 that I now have time actually go running in the mornings.  My mileage has definitely increased because of this.   On Memorial Day, Runner's World issued the #rwrunstreak to encourage folks to run at least 1 mile from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.  That's 39 days of consistent running. How fun!

I even met my fastest 5k this month!  Beating my time from when I ran my fastest 5k in California last month.

Here are a few scenes from my runs last month.  You know I'm notorious for scoping out a spot to pop a yoga pose!
Something has me looking utterly disgusted.

The final tally:
16 runs, really only 11 because I did 5 -800s on 5/6.
36.6 miles
Average Pace: 9:15

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