13 June 2013

Summer Bible Study

Here we go! You all know without a doubt how much I love the Word. You also have probably figured out that even with the best of my intentions, I fall short on completing a Bible study. I'm constantly trying to change that! So I'm committing to a small group study of the Summer Siesta series led by Beth Moore. I love this woman. She knows how to teach the Bible.

We are just starting and last night I watched the first devotional. Beth talked about summer since this is a summer study. The things she said and the scripture she used to back it up really just felt good to my soul. Sometimes in summer things can dry up. Have you ever had a dry summer in your life? I certainly have. Last summer was difficult for me. I made some not so great decisions concerning my contracts, which left me financially strapped. I also faced the realization that I had moved too fast in getting my new house and really should have just taken care of things while under my parents roof....just dry.....but God.

Beth goes on to talk about how summer is also the time for ripening of the fruit. She especially spoke a word that I receive - "there are summer fruits that are going to be picked in this season". Are you expecting the fruits of all your sowing to be picked this season? Are you looking for God to show Himself in your life? Do not get weary in well doing.....

I'm excited. I woke up excited about this Word. I woke up excited about Jesus. I woke up excited about my season of ripening. I've been dry. There was a time and place for that, but now I'm ready to pick my fruit!

It may seem like I'm bragging that life is all good right now. If you knew the intricate details of my life you'd know it's not.....but God gets the glory because its because of His grace that I don't look like what I've been through. Beth talks about how we can be so afraid that if we shout it'll look like we are taking credit for it. She encourages us to get our shout on so the enemy doesn't summer on our fruit!

I hope you are excited about this season whether it is dry or bearing much fruit. If you'd like to join our small group study on Facebook, leave a comment and let me know your name to connect on Facebook.

Blessings overflow! It's summer summer time!

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