25 August 2013

A perfect Saturday snack

9:31 PM

On my trip to Baltimore last week, I tuned in to the free tv shows that Southwest offers on their Wi-Fi enabled flights.  I tuned in to the Food Network and discovered a new show I had never seen before - Big Daddy's House.  I simply fell in love!

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr.'s dream came true when he won Season 4 of Food Network Star. His show, Big Daddy's House, was a part of the grand prize.  The thing I adore about Aaron and this show is that is models a positive Black male who is passionate about his family and providing fun meals for his kids.  Plus he's a big guy with a big personality - not something you normally find when flipping pass the Food Network.

The show I watch in flight featured Elvis style peanut butter, banana, and honey pancakes, these awesome cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and a homemade macaroni and cheese that I still have to try!

This past lazy Saturday while hanging out with Munchkin, I decided to try Aaron's take on the hot dog with my own twist.  I split four turkey hot dogs, added cheddar cheese, and wrapped in turkey bacon.  I set the oven to 300 and baked for about 30-40 minutes.

Once they were done, I took them in the backyard with Munchkin - and they are definitely Munchkin approved.  Nothing fancy - just yummy.  

Even as I sit here writing this post, Munchkin saw the picture and said "mom, I liked those".  Perfect for a Saturday afternoon when you'd rather be outside playing than in the kitchen cooking!

Let me know what's your favorite way to serve up a hot dog.  Have you seen Big Daddy's House on the Food network?

24 August 2013

A baby shower

8:52 AM
Last week I flew to Baltimore for a very special occasion - J'nelle is having a baby!  

Lesly, Dee and I planned a fabulous event. (Really all credit goes to Les and Dee)

Being with my friends makes me realize how blessed I am.  Now that we are starting families and having babies....it makes things even more special.

Me, Yvonne, and baby Jordan
We played a game where our boiled eggs were our babies.  You were responsible for taking care of your baby at all times or risk having it snatched.  Someone took advantage of our photo opp to snatch all the babies. ;-)

If you know Les, Dee, and I, you just know we're going to have adult beverages at any gathering we host.  At least we made them look kid friendly.

Cottoncandy Vodka shots
Friends are family God decides we need.

20 August 2013


9:23 AM
If you remember, last year I talked about a new tradition I was beginning on the first day of school.  The purpose is to watch my Munchkin grow each year....and growing he is.  I sometimes can't believe I was chosen to bear witness to how amazing he is.
Look at his little face when he was just 3 years old.  He looks so innocent and eager to begin a new journey.  Then at 4 you can tell he knew...oh yeah this school thing...I got this.
Well this year we began a new journey.  A journey into public schools and kindergarten.  Yes, my little baby is in kindergarten.  Some of the thoughts going through my head: "It goes by way too fast!".  "Just yesterday it feels like he was born".  I haven't been in a weepy, solemn mood at all.  My kid makes it easy for me to bubble with pride because he is just so freaking awesome!
So here he is on his first day of school, just as confident as ever!
Headed to kindergarten - 8.15.2013
I love this kid to the moon and back.  Bigger than the whole mountain and sky. 

19 August 2013

#stylemefriday - lace

9:00 AM
This week's #stylemefriday post detailed lace!  I wish I had better photos...but you know how it goes when you're on the go!
Friday morning, I woke up at 3am after going to bed at about 1:30am, caught a flight to Baltimore for one of my bestie's baby shower.  I was excited because me and h.i.m. planned for a date night on Friday to go see the new movie - The Butler.
Him and I have been out numerous times during our courtship...but I was so excited to tag it 'date night' since I haven't done it in so long.  Before I left, I wanted to find something cute and a little bit sexy to wear on our 'date night'.
Me trying things on in the store.
Out in downtown Baltimore.
Lace detail.

We had a great evening out and I'm so grateful for our moments together.  Long distance relationships are hard ya'll!
Have you seen The Butler?  I'd love to hear what you thought of it!

12 August 2013

#lessonsfromGideon - Inventory

6:00 AM
Imperfect progress, right?  I am still catching up on the Summer Siesta study, but it is definitely blessing me along the way.

I hope my latest message will bless you.  Whether you are actually participating in the study or just checking in - I hope this message leaves you feeling the importance an urgency of waging war for your life and your entire household.

Be blessed.

09 August 2013


9:06 PM
You have heard that leopard is the new neutral, right?

Shoes - Zara
When I saw this week's #stylemefriday inspiration was Leopard you know I had to participate!  It actually made me reminisce a bit because just last Friday I was in Vegas, having a great time, and rocking my leopard like you know I love to do!  How does a week fly by so fast?

So here's my contribution to this week's inspiration.  Just writing this is making me miss Vegas and h.i.m.!
Standing in front of the big Buddha at Tao in Las Vegas
This is my favorite picture of us.  I love it even more because we are coordinated and totally didn't plan it.  I love his style! 

Dress - Alloy | Necklace - Charlotte Russe | Bracelet - Stella & Dot

07 August 2013

A Help Meet

7:42 PM

I write this post after much prayer and consideration about whether now is the time for me to say this.  I came across the above picture on instagram one day, and it caused my spirit to leap.  I have shared with you here my journey of going through a divorce, the challenges I have faced, my time of singlehood while healing.

I have entered a new season.  A season of studying on what it means to be a good wife.  Not just a wife by name because one wears a ring and is married to her husband, but a wife that God created us to be.  The help meet He introduced to Adam in Genesis 2.  The companion that is not just along for the ride, but the one who truly makes her husband's life better.

When I saw this picture, it personified everything I've been studying about and praying for.  To be the kind of woman who, when I'm blessed with the opportunity to be a wife again, does not just go along for the ride....but is active in keeping our marriage firmly rooted in the Word so that it can bring glory to God first, and to be a true companion and help meet for my husband.  I know this love and commitment has to be active, longstanding, continuous.

Since I have been married before, I realize just how fragile marriage can be.  Because of this, I know the next time I enter into this union I will enter it under much guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It has also been the guiding force behind my dating life.  I take God at His Word when He says "He who finds a wife finds a good thing".  I carry this in my dating relationship....because if at any moment he doesn't see the value that God has already said I am, we don't need to keep going down that path.

As I pray about being the wife God wrote about when he created me in Genesis, I also had to take an honest look at the wife I was in my first marriage.  Through that I learned a lot of valuable lessons.  The way I acted and reacted to things were totally of the flesh, so now in my dating relationship I am careful to seek Him first, and trust that His ways and will is more perfect.  At this point in time, every single prayer I have prayed concerning my current dating relationship have been answered.  To some it can seem leery.  To some it can seem like I'm standing off.  For me - I'd rather ask God to advise me in the situation than confront it on my own, unless and until God says it needs to be addressed.   In all the instances where fear has tried to rear its ugly head, I have been dead wrong, which makes sense because the Word says perfect love casts out fear.  I'm also learning when you're walking in His will - the things you normally want to worry about just have no space.

I also do a tremendous amount of watching married women.  I watch how they talk about their husbands, how they honor them, how they walk with them, how they hold them up, I also notice the behaviors of things I don't want to be like.  The wife's role and charge is a great one, and so I want to be a student of it for as long as I live. 

I know the kind of wife I want to be.  I know the kind of home I want to create for our family. The safe space.  I know the care I want to practice in honoring my husband in all things.  I am completely excited about! I desire to serve my husband, to lift his load, to be his fortress, and peace at the end of the day.  I also look forward to carrying his babies! This kind of devotion can only come from a man that is submitted to Christ....which I now see so clearly.  When a man is lead by Christ and submitted to Christ, I will happily and humbly submit to him!

I know I have a lot of readers who are married.  I would love to hear about your lessons, your journey, and what you can advise this young woman who has tried it once, and the next time will be my forever!

06 August 2013

04 August 2013

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