24 August 2013

A baby shower

Last week I flew to Baltimore for a very special occasion - J'nelle is having a baby!  

Lesly, Dee and I planned a fabulous event. (Really all credit goes to Les and Dee)

Being with my friends makes me realize how blessed I am.  Now that we are starting families and having babies....it makes things even more special.

Me, Yvonne, and baby Jordan
We played a game where our boiled eggs were our babies.  You were responsible for taking care of your baby at all times or risk having it snatched.  Someone took advantage of our photo opp to snatch all the babies. ;-)

If you know Les, Dee, and I, you just know we're going to have adult beverages at any gathering we host.  At least we made them look kid friendly.

Cottoncandy Vodka shots
Friends are family God decides we need.

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