20 August 2013


If you remember, last year I talked about a new tradition I was beginning on the first day of school.  The purpose is to watch my Munchkin grow each year....and growing he is.  I sometimes can't believe I was chosen to bear witness to how amazing he is.
Look at his little face when he was just 3 years old.  He looks so innocent and eager to begin a new journey.  Then at 4 you can tell he knew...oh yeah this school thing...I got this.
Well this year we began a new journey.  A journey into public schools and kindergarten.  Yes, my little baby is in kindergarten.  Some of the thoughts going through my head: "It goes by way too fast!".  "Just yesterday it feels like he was born".  I haven't been in a weepy, solemn mood at all.  My kid makes it easy for me to bubble with pride because he is just so freaking awesome!
So here he is on his first day of school, just as confident as ever!
Headed to kindergarten - 8.15.2013
I love this kid to the moon and back.  Bigger than the whole mountain and sky. 

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