12 September 2013

Bottega Louie


A few weeks ago I traveled to LA for the National Sexual Assault Conference.  I'll talk more about my trip later, but this little gem that I stumbled upon two blocks from my hotel deserves a post of its own.  

When I arrived in LA and checked into my hotel - the Sheraton Downtown - I got settled and was ready to hit the LA streets!  It was a Tuesday, so downtown was full of business people walking to and from their offices.  I spotted this young(ish) group as I was walking and when they opened the door to this place I noticed how amazing it looked inside and all these bright colors.

I kept walking and on my way back to the hotel decided to pop in. I am so glad I did!

The atmosphere is really cute.  I chose to eat from the prepared lunch section because I was a little intimidated not knowing exactly where I was (you know didn't want to get a nice LA surprise check).

This salad was amazing!


No caption necessary

So I may have just gone back twice...

I decided to go for dinner here again Thursday eve.

 ... or three times.

...and have breakfast with myself Friday morn.

Hey...I'm a believer...when you find something you like....indulge!

Visit Bottega Louie the next time you're in LA. I'm certain you'll share in my little love affair.

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