22 September 2013

How to Miss a Childhood

Last week, a friend made a post on Facebook titled this and shared the notes from her sermon.  I know I am definitely guilty of doing these things and this post came to mind several times this week as I just had to set things down.

How to Miss a Childhood:

  • Keep your phone turned on at all times of the day – allow any rings, beeps or buzzes to interrupt your child midsentence – always allow the caller to take priority.
  • Carry your phone around so much that when you leave it in a room your toddler child will come running with it proudly in hand – treating it more like a part of the family than an electronic device.
  • Take your children to the park & talk on your phone while you push them on the swing.
  • While you wait for the server to bring your food at a restaurant, get out your phone and stare at it despite the fact your child is sitting inches away longing for you to talk to him/her.
  • Go to your child’s sporting event and look up periodically from your phone praying that he/she wont notice you’re not focused on their game.
  • Neglect tucking your child into bed because you are checking / returning email on your phone.
  • Use your drive time in the car to make important phone calls, even though your child sits in the back seat longing to talk about their day or dreams, hopes or fears.
  • Go on a vacation with your family & allow everyone to spend the whole trip on phones.
Do these things ... and you will miss a childhood.

This past week, I have  been more conscious of my behaviors and more intent on noticing the light in my Munchkin's eyes.  We certainly aren't perfect, and we have many things to distract us, so I share this because it made me more self-aware, not as a finger-wagging rant.

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