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Fall Decor

One of the things I love so much about my Scentsy business is that so many of the people I have met at parties and events have become like friends. One of my best customers showed me how she decorated for Fall with our cutie Scarecrow warmer.  I love it!
While we're talking about this...I am so grateful for my friends who have supported me as customers and my customers who have become friends. I had no idea three years ago I would be so blessed by this journey.
Happy restful Sunday.


Your joy is not an option. Search for it, fight for it, choose it.

Feeling sorry

Lately I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself. It feels like these past 5 years have sped by and here I am just under 12 months away from turning 30 and I feel like I'm feeling pressure that I'm supposed to be in a certain position by then.
I think I certainly took the steps in my early 20s to build the vision for where I was supposed to be by the time I turned 30. If that was the case I'd be well settled into our mortgage on the house, Munchkin would probably have a sibling by now, presumably I'd feel like I was where I'd plan to be by the time I'm 30.
Lately, even though I'm totally happy, the reality of being sidetracked or rerouted has had me feeling anxious, scared, and a little sad.
Tonight, while in the shower, a song titled "You are God Alone" came on. I stood under the water with raised hands and started crying. Here I am. Worried. Scared. Anxious and God isn't concerned about any of that. To Him 40 years is but 1 hour. He is the A…

Letting Go


Clutter.  You know the over abundance of stuff but not in a good way.  Yes. That stuff.  That stuff has somehow found its way into my world. Today I looked up and decided something needs to be done.
From my work email to my personal email.  From space on my desk at work to my office space at home.  From my bedroom to my car, it is time to address the clutter.
As I was driving into the office today, I had the thought, what if I surrendered to the clutter.  Not give up on it, but simply surrender to it.  Yes I have over 1200 unread messages in my work email.  Yes I have over 18,000 unread messages in my personal email.  I need to address the clutter but first, what is the clutter trying to teach me?
Psychologists say a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind.  Is that my truth?  What else, by surrendering to the clutter, will it teach me?  
I began sorting through this pile on my desk today and filing things away.  Alot of things in that pile were created by my predecessor, and I jus…

Not so glamorous

Surrender. By definition does not sound like a good thing. Does not sound, by definition, like a victorious position, or an empowering one. It feels like giving up.
It is.
Yet surrendering takes more strength than any fight. Surrendering requires more of us and nothing of us all at the same time.