11 November 2013

London Calling - Day 1

It is definitely time I start catching you up on the magical adventure I am currently on! Friday afternoon I flew to Baltimore to meet up with my sir for the trip we've been anticipating for a bit now.

Saturday afternoon we set off to the airport to fly off to London for a week long holiday. I was a bit unexcited about the flight because I didn't know what to expect and how uncomfortable/tired/grumpy I would get being stuck on a plane for nearly 9 hours.

Surprisingly, the flight was not bad at all. We arrived at Heathrow around 7am and by 9am we were walking Hyde Park. 
There has been so much amazing here to see. 

Spending the day just journeying with no real agenda was the absolute best thing for us. We saw so many beautiful sights in our neighborhood. It was the perfect start to the trip.

We stopped at a cute restaurant located along the river in Hyde Park. Brian had the full English breakfast and says it was delish!

We also made our first English friend. He was quite delightful.

We have absolutely no shame in being the ultimate tourist. Luckily, Brian is a great navigator so I just walk wherever he says we need to go.

We trailed off from Hyde Park and walked in to a crowd unexpectedly at Buckingham Palace. Apparently, the Queen was in and so we were able to experience the royal hysteria of people waiting to get a glimpse of her in the car as she was leaving. (We ended up walking away but I swear we saw her driving out the back gate where no one else was). 

Ok. I have a ton of pictures and could go on and on. Ill leave it there for now and will post more later.

Good day!

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