20 November 2013


Magical. In love. Total indulgence. Amazing.

I love Paris.

We rode the EuroTrain from London to Paris on Wednesday. When we arrived at Charles de Galle train station, it immediately felt surreal. The cultural differences between London and Paris were glaring. Not to mention there now existed a language barrier with the French. 

B navigated our way through the train station (the entire trip really), and I stood to the side with our luggage taking it all in. Such diversity in people. (The sociologist in me was so giddy). 

Once we figured out the metro, we were on our way. There weren't any lifts in the metro so we had to lug all our luggage underground. (Bless that man). We finally made it onto the metro during rush hour with all our luggage.

We walked from the train station to our hotel and noticed how booming the neighborhood was even on a Wednesday night. We stayed at the cute boutique hotel The Artus in the 6th quadrant (sounds like Hunger Games).  Once checked in we decided to hit the town!

Our first dinner was at The Germaine, a delightful Parisian restaurant. We enjoyed the freshest bread, scallops, pasta, wine, and beer. Indulge me.

We then hit the streets and stopped at another little place to enjoy some more food and wine. Oh my!

Our last stop that night was at a British pub (yes in Paris). It felt much like Kate's (our college bar/pub). It was such a sight to see some of the young folks celebrating. We even met some interesting folks like a young woman from Mexico who started college in the States but found out she could go to school for $400 a semester in Paris so she transferred. 

I'm a people watcher so just sitting back, observing the culture and its people was a total delight! 

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