03 November 2013

Working on Better

A few months ago I shared with you my frustration with the number on the scale and what that meant for me. It definitely wasn't the number on the scale that bothered me, but what, at that time, the number represented. 

Here we are about 2 months later and that number really hasn't changed. In fact, on some days, it goes up. But what that number now represents and how I feel about it has changed.

After I wrote that post I really started looking at my habits across the board.When my discipline in eating whole foods and working out is lacking, so too are other things in my life like my finances and my organization. It really has become about me being a fitter and better me all around. 

Right now I am so happy with what that number represents. Unlike two months ago, it represents a woman who has been making smarter choices, fueling my mind body and spirit, and who is working on better.

It's a marathon, a journey, not a sprint. I have my days for sure. Weekends generally but this is about having all of life's desires.

Isn't that the better to live?

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