08 December 2013


Every now and then I step on my soap box. This week was one of them. An acquaintance from college posted a question on Facebook about why any woman would move a man's son away from him if the two don't work out. Of course the comments to this status were all about how women are vindictive and hurt and ya ya ya.


Then the rest of the week his posts were simply inappropriate. Because of experience, my alert was heightened. Around the same time that I was thinking about this, a great giant, Nelson Mandela, was called to rest. My spirit started brewing about the gap that exists between who we say we are and who we  really are. The respect we demand for who we say we are, versus the respect that is worthy of who we are. 

It is a challenge. To be the man worthy of the respect you demand. It is hard to be a person of moral character. To do the right thing even when no one is watching. To not count what will get the most "likes" on Instagram, but to live a life that is worthy of respect. You can't demand respect when you inhale and exhale unrespectable words and deeds at the same time. Let your breathe match.

Stepping off of soap box.

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