02 December 2013

Love People

Life teaches each of us daily if we are open to receiving the lesson.  Last week when I found myself in a bit of a cloud, I realized it was because I was allowing someone's attitude that I deeply care about to determine my security in a situation and my feelings surrounding it.   Once I snapped out of it and started honoring how blessed I truly am and that I really have nothing to worry about, everything started to shift.

From that lesson I felt like my spirit was screaming at me to be constant.  When you love someone you don't have to go on the roller coaster ride with them when they are going through hard places and seasons.  Certainly, the people who love you don't need to be expected to go on the roller coaster ride with you.  Love is patient. Kind. Constant.  Be the constant. Be the consistent force.  

Love through it.

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