11 December 2013

My 2014 planning looks something like...

I have been anxious to begin my reflection of 2013 and to start planning for 2014.  I needed to find time to be still, get quiet, and think.  2013 has been good to me. Not perfect, but good.  There were things I wanted to do that I have been fortunate enough to do, like travel to London.  I have matured alot this year. I made some major changes, like choosing to switch churches. I opened my heart to love, and what an amazing love it Is. I really could go on and on.

As I sat down today to reflect while writing in my journal, I realize overwhelmingly that 2013 has brought me a joy that is unwavering, a resolve that is sure, and a confidence in the Lord that is more certain than ever.

2013 has been good to me.

People make resolutions every year but at the beginning of 2013 I set strong intentions. Intentions that life would get better, it would be great, and all the circumstances surrounding me were conspiring to make a life worthy of my calling.

Life showed up for me.

Which is why spending time being intentional about my desires and plans and laying them before The Lord is so important. I have seen the power in having a vision, writing it down, and getting to work.

2014 is only 20 days away.  So I took time today to sit, think, dream. I love the desk calenders from Barnes & Noble.  I have used them for the past 4 years.  I have my prayer journal as well because I want to commit my plans to the Lord before I plan anything.  I also found some fun metallic pencils at Barnes & Noble (Munchkin don't touch!).  Combine that with some Panera Bread Green Tea, and I was a happy girl.  I am excited and expectant for what 2014 holds!

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