01 December 2013


Not only did we celebrate a huge Thanksgiving this week with about 30 loved ones, but we through my dad a surprise 60th birthday party the day after with family and friends from all over.

My dad is a gentle giant. He is the one person who never wants anything, gives more to everyone else, and is always there when you need him. Words would underestimate the man that he is.

My sister and I knew he'd be highly upset if he knew we were planning anything for him. We just felt we had to. Not to make him happy but to honor the amazing dad he is to us and the amazing grandpa he is to our kids. His selflessness is unmatched.

I think you can tell the measure of a man by his relationships. The fact that him and my mom have been married for 35 years, he talks to my Granny every single night on the phone, he started a business to leave a legacy for his kids and his grandchildren, he has friends that came from all over the country to celebrate him speaks volumes. 

It was completely special because our children had such amazing things to say about their grandpa. I know for me and my Munchkin, grandpa is the reason we are back in Albuquerque. He's the greatest role model of a man I could err dream of my son growing up around. 

We hosted the event at Papadeaux's Seafood Kitchen in their large private room. It was a really great atmosphere that opened to the patio and was simply perfect for the feel of this occasion.

Happy birthday Dad!

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