05 January 2014

A message

There is no logical explanation for why I woke up with so much peace today.

No reason why today's sermon spoke right to my heart.

No reason.

 Except for that's the God I serve.

People ask why I'm so serious about finding time to steal away every day. I have to. Without it, life is too hard.  I am desperate for a daily experience with God.

I look forward to walking in faith. To trusting God with everything. He performs miracles in my life every day. 

Today our Pastor preached from Acts 20:22-24. In this scripture Paul teaches us so much.  Read it.

Our Pastor did a phenomenal job of breaking out some key points.

1. Paul was compelled by the Spirit. He was saturated in the Spirit of God. Don't you want to be saturated by His Spirit? To allow His presence to permeate our lives?

2. Paul was certain of uncertainty. He said "...not knowing what will happen to me there".  Isn't it just like us to pull away from God and try to walk this thing out on our own because we feel like we can control it? Because we feel like if we're in control we know what will happen. Paul was certain that he wouldn't know what would happen, but that God would show the way.

3. Paul knew that there would be hardship and RESISTANCE. Our Pastor challenged us that if we're committing to a faith walk, we may as well acknowledge their will be resistance in our lives. Get used to it. "The moment you step out in faith - the enemy is going to challenge you."

4. Paul knew His purpose. He didn't always know how he was going to fulfill it, but he was clear of his purpose and knew he would finish the race. 

I'm sharing these notes because this message was exactly what my soul needed today.  It provided renewal and clarity for this walk. Sit with the lesson for a moment. I hope it encourages you in the way it did me.

I'l come back and add the link to the sermon when it becomes available. 

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