16 January 2014

Denim & Cords

I joined Justfab.com some time last year. I love everything they have, including their prices, but I don't think I've actually ordered anything from them.

Just before Christmas, I received an email that my first outfit on fabkids.com would be free if I paid shipping. Score!

I was able to get this super cute outfit for Munchkin and only paid $4.95! You know I was one happy mama.

I was even more excited because the outfit showed up on my doorstep literally an hour before we were off to the airport to spend Christmas in Baltimore.

The only problem with packing "outfits" is that you get pictures like this from his dad:

Why is he wearing a purple Ravens shirt with maroon cords?! Haha. Le sigh.

So here's what the outfit was supposed to look like. Haha. Cool and the gang.

Munchkin wanted to shoot a picture of me while we were at the playground. Big kid at heart.


  1. Men will have kids all kind of mismatched. I have yet to try out fab kids. I keep hearing about them here and there. Maybe I'll give them a shot. I'm sure they have cute things for girls.

    He is so handsome!

    1. Honey yes! Now what kind of sense does that make? I'm like would you walk out of the house with maroon cords and purple shirt! haha


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