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His Timing

His timing is perfect. We say that all the time. To live it is another story.

I have had two what I consider major life dealings wake me up to His timing recently.  I pressed for them. Prayed for them. Yet still God said not yet.
In both situations, once I walked away from the emotion I had about His decision, I could see clearly why God was saying "not yet". 

Getting God's not right now isn't easy. When I read yesterday's Jesus Calling it was like all the words in the book moved around to form this message just for me. "Much, much stress results from your wanting to make things happen before their times come."  Hi Niecy. 
I have really been focusing on the "moment by moment" statement.  I'm a big picture kind of gal.  Give me a glimmer of hope, and I'll dream up the whole moon and stars, heaven and earth.  There's nothing wrong with having big hope, only when you allow the moments to disappoint you when they don't add up to the big dream.  This moment by moment business takes choosing in every moment to be grateful for that moment. To not constantly be trying to figure out what that moment means in the grand scheme of things. To just be grateful for the moment. The simple small moment.
With this I am gaining new hope and excitement to see what God does once He strings all these moments together.  I'm excited for this new perspective along the journey.  Life is such a great teacher.


  1. I can certainly relate to this post. There are so many things I want to accomplish. I have my own 5 year plan but I'm learning that my plan doesn't always line up with God's plan. Of course, I'd rather go with His, but I'm a right now type of person. I'm working on My boyfriend always reminds me that I stress and worry too much and the biggest reason and that I don't rest in God. I know He has it all under control and if I just follow His lead all will be well. I'm learning patience and I don't want to rush something that will later fall apart because I wasn't ready or because it wasn't in God's plan for it to happen. ❤︎

    1. You are so wise to wait. God's timing is so perfect. Trust, trust, and when it hurts, trust some more, because I trust His timing more than anything in the world! Thank you for spreading love in my space. <3

  2. Please keep encouraging and inspiring. Many blessings to you in this new year.

    1. Thank you love. Many many blessings to you and your beautiful family this year! <3


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