09 January 2014

Whose Shoulders I Stand

A few nights ago, my Dad, Uncle, sister and I sat around the kitchen talking about our family. We talked about the amazing and thrilling lives, legacies, and love of those before us.

I love having those conversations. The women in our family have lived long lives. My great, great grandmother was over 100 years old when she went home, my great aunt pictured above was over 90.  It made me start thinking about all the things these strong women endured in their lifetimes.

I have yet to reach 30 and have found myself saying on a rare occasion "I understand why the old folks say 'my soul is tired'". I feel like I've endured enough trial and heartache for a lifetime just in my 20s!

Looking at the beautiful women of my family, and thinking about the trials, joys, good times and bad they must have endured gives me hope. I come from a heritage of strong, intelligent, classy, faithful women who lived their lives well. I'm grateful to still have my Granny to model virtuous living to me up close and personal.

One of my favorite stories of that night was about my great grandmother, who was nearly blind.  My Dad says she carried the church with her and the moment she walked in she got happy. I asked my Granny about it and she said oh yes. The Spirit lived all over her. I can only imagine the things she endured during her lifetime and yet she was still full of joy.

I am so grateful God chose me to fall in line with these phenomenal women. They inspire me and give me hope...to run the race well.

I stand on their shoulders.

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