05 February 2014


Tonight I started reading the story of Rahab. You know, King David's great-great grandmother who was formerly a prostitute. The one who God used to deliver Jericho to His people.

I am moved by Rahab. I am stirred by the fact that Rahab lived a life that we would judge and throw away. Yet even she knew God. She didn't live for God, but she feared Him. Sometimes our fear of God will be the very thing that saves us.

I am amazed how God used Rahab's character flaw to be the very thing that propelled her destiny. You see, if Rahab had been a "virtuous woman", married, and led a different lifestyle, when she said to them "they came to me," they would have been suspicious and questioned her. Because of her character flaw, when she told them this, they probably figured it was just business as usual for Rahab. Her character flaw, being a prostitute, is the very thing God used to protect His destiny.

Rahab was faithful to a God she did not have a personal relationship with, yet God knew her and used her to fulfill His destiny. Do you get how powerful that really is? 

All day long we disqualify people because of their sin. We disqualify ourselves. God can't use them. God won't use us. Rahab's story is a message of hope, grace, mercy, faith - all in one. If God hand-picked Rahab, a nonbeliever, to advance His plan - you can't even begin to fathom what He has in store for you. 

Where is your faith? When God calls, will you respond? The message of Rahab gives me goosebumps. 

God. Uses. People. Period. 

Rahab. Prostitute. Risk taker. David's great-great grandmother. Matriarch in King Jesus' lineage. Woman in the Faith Hall of Fame (Hebrews 11). Redeemed.

That's the God we serve.

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