22 February 2014

Rockin' the world

Can you imagine being apart of a ministry that packs houses like this?  Ever since I was introduced to Priscilla Shirer through her Gideon study this past summer - I have fallen in love with her ministry.  I have enjoyed watching how she travels the world ministering the Word undiluted in her very own way. I love her passion for Christ and her family. I love her!

So when she posted this picture last night on Instagram I thought "wow." Someone made the comment, "When you see numbers like these...why are we as Christians not rocking the world as we should be?"  That question stayed with me because I agree.

God has given us dominion, but you know, I'm guilty of living defeated at times.  I shared about my heartbreak and feeling stuck this past week not for anyone to feel sorry for me, but because I know my sisters who read my blog may also go through that heartbreak and discouragement. That sometimes in this crazy, beautiful, big world, we feel defeated. 

So why aren't we rocking the world?  Well who says we're not? I believe we are! Personally, I know I can focus so much on the darker times, that I feel like my light has been diminished. Coming out of this recent situation has caused me to question my worth. It's hard to rock the world when you are doing that.

The key to us Christians rocking the world is keeping our eyes on the One we represent. It's hard to rock when I'm focused on my heartbreak or my worth or my work or everything else. I can stand strong when I am standing in Him. When I know His strength is perfect. When I know He has ordered the days. When I know in Him I have my breathing. When I know He is Alpha, Omega, the Beginning, the End, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Simply put - He rocks!

Because He rocks - we as Christians can rock when we focus on all that He is. 

With that I leave you with a message from Priscilla about who He is. 


You rock!

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