04 March 2014

A little Raclette cooking

I have discovered the amazing idea of what it means to have a Raclette dinner. Search the hash tag on Instagram and you will discover all kinds of good food bringing people around the table together. Who knew?

It made me excited because ever since Velata introduced our new Raclette, I have been using it to cook with, but the idea of really bringing friends and family around the table excites me.

On Sunday I used the Raclette to do some meal prep. Here are a few pictures and even a YouTube video!

My dad made steaks. They cooked beautifully on the Raclette.

On Sunday we also went to the Fiery Foods Show at Sandia Casino. Here are some of the goods we picked up. 

I was excited about these Garlic Cheese Grits made by some girls in North Carolina.

So I made shrimp and grits for dinner last night. So yum.

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