21 April 2014


This past week Munchkin and I headed to Baltimore for his Spring Break. I really wanted him to do something special for his break and well I needed a break myself.

He's by far the cutest travel buddy ever. We had an early flight out of Albuquerque and he was such a great trooper.

One reason I like taking early flights is because we actually make it in to town at a reasonable time to still do things that day. We hung out with Munchkin's dad and ate some really delicious food. 

We also just enjoyed Baltimore. Because I lived there I've never really looked at Baltimore from a tourist's eye...but there is so much beauty all around that it's really a shame.

On Tuesday I was determined to take Munchkin to Washington DC despite the fact that Siri had been telling me all week it was going to rain. Rain it did. We went anyways (rebels I know). We actually had a few hours of dryness.

This moment was so dear to me. Him looking up at this great monument. The dreams I hold for him are so grand. 

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