11 May 2014


Happy Mother's Day!  I always talk about celebrating today not because we give the flower shops ton of money, but because I think we should celebrate each other as women every single day.  For rising. For pouring ourselves out. For doing. For being.  Our crown may slide from side to side, but it never falls.

This year I had to be really intentional about entering this day with joy.  Last year, I received a gift that made me extremely happy.   I looked for them yesterday...and the flowers didn't come this year.  I had already set a very strong intention that even if they didn't come, I get to live with the best gift every single day.  They didn't come.

I woke up this morning full of joy.  I am so grateful for this life.  My son is so full of life. So happy. So healthy.  I also realized that if I wanted flowers today, there was nothing wrong with me getting them for myself.  After all, it is our own responsibility to tend to our happiness. To be busy about creating it day by day.

So after church we stopped at Anthropologie and I picked up a new monogrammed mug.  I was going to get the "N" but Munchkin was adamant that I get the "M" for mom.  See how God works in such gentle ways.  The most important person in my life calls me Mom.  That beats any flowers on the door step or any other material gifts of this world.

I picked up some gorgeous hydrangeas from Trader Joes, stuck the precious flower my son gave me at church, and created a little arrangement of pretty.  

Today has been a remarkable day.  Our First Lady spoke on Defining Moments and the one thing that has resonated in my heart all day is that I am letting go of the things behind me and looking forward to the things ahead! Hallelujah!

Stop waiting for people to send you flowers or throw you a party or to celebrate you.  You celebrate you.  Don't get mad when people don't get the memo that you are in need of celebrating you.  Treat yourself to simple things.  There is nothing wrong with making yourself feel good about you.
 Just as I am every year, my heart and mind are with those friends who are waiting to be moms or who have lost their moms.  Today I am reminded of Hannah. God will fulfill His promise. It will not return void.  Thank you for being remarkable and supportive. Keep your crown on.


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