14 June 2014

Love Letter Day 3

Hey Beautiful,

I caught a glimpse of you in the mirror this morning before you were trying to impress anyone or live up to the standards of the world. You were just being you - before the make-up, clothes, and outward appearance. You were just relaxed and going about as yourself. You are absolutely beautiful.

You should stop and look at yourself in the mirror more often. Oh and smile. Smile. I love your smile.  There's something you don't see when you're going about being busy. You don't see just how beautiful you really are.  Sometimes you start viewing yourself by all the things that have happened to you that you wish had not happened and you forget all the great things that have made you the woman you are today. Those thoughts can be harsh, but when you catch a glimpse of yourself, you'll see just how gentle you are. Keep being gentle with yourself. I love you that way.

My love,


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