15 June 2014

Love Letter Day 4

Dear Forgiver,

Today has become a day of mixed emotions for so many. For days I've been seeing posts about single moms asking folks not to wish them a Happy Father's Day, a card company placing Father's Day cards for moms on the shelves, and social media posts wishing those dads who are "doing a good job" well and trying to diss those who don't.

I love that from Day 1 of your separation you recognized the relationship between your son and his father was not something you would ever try to replace and you have worked diligently at all costs to defend that. Thank you for doing the work to forgive yourself and him so that the most precious gift God has given you can thrive. 

You are serving as a witness that when you open your heart to God's love and allow Him to heal you, life can be grand. Keep doing your work. It is a major part of your strength.



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