16 June 2014

Love Letter Day 5

My love,

I LOVE your love for Christ.  You are not perfect but you are made perfect in Him. You have always loved Christ. Even though you are not always obedient to His commands, when He calls you back to Him you always safely return. I really love that about you. You give me the freedom to not try to be who and what I think I need to be for this world, but to allow Him to make me into who He wants me to be for this world. 

I love that you allow your heart to break for the things that break his heart. You have always cared about those who no one has cared for. Keep allowing His light to shine through you.

I love the woman of God that you are. I love that you are not afraid to tell your story so other's can find healing. I love that you trust God's plan for your life even when you cannot see it and have no clue how it could possibly be. 

You are a mighty woman of faith. This world needs you. I love you.

My love,


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