01 July 2014

A lesson on faith

I read these words on a friend's status this morning and they wrecked me. I had just finished my coffee with Christ and was praying for The Lord to have His way over a very specific circumstance as well as over my life totally. I wrote how I woke up and "my mind wants to worry but my spirit is at peace in You." Reading these words on her status took what I was feeling and stretched it into the perfect words.

The Lord knows I have prayed some desperate prayers.  Some very anxious prayers.  I've made promises for exhage of some answered prayers.  I've tried to bargain with God and make my emotions move Him. Yet He has always remained steady. Unmoved.  

This message brought peace to my world. It actually made me feel quite childish when I visualized all of my temper tantrum prayers I have prayed begging God to please move in my favor. God doesn't speak tantrum. He speaks faith.

I experienced one of the best times in His presence today while driving to work, no radio, just me and Him. It wasn't recorded in a journal, it wasn't formal, it was just me and Him face to face. For the first time, probably in my life, I felt like I spoke to God in pure faith. I laid it at His feet and know what He chooses to do with it is what is best for me. I trust Him. I trust Him.

These words changed me today.  Instead if being led by emotion, I want to be led by faith. That confident assurance that even if He doesn't answer the way I'm praying for Him to answer it, He will do even better.


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