23 August 2014


Did you catch my rant on social media this week?  When things boil in my spirit they splurt out and string together a message that I feel in my bones.  That happened a few days ago.

I suggest you just get busy loving yourself. Love yourself completely before asking anyone else to love you.  We've gotten so used to taking the best pieces of me and you bringing the best pieces of you and then we put them together and it feels good for awhile.  Then our incompleteness shows.  Our halves don't add up.  We realize we were missing something all along.  We go searching and realize the only real thing missing was our whole selves.  Completely whole.

Rant over.  Except now I live that. When I wrote that message I could feel it. Permeating my skin.

I made this picture my facebook profile picture and a dear friend commented "happy looks good on you."  You know what my initial thought was?  "Yes, yes it does! Thank you."

I've spent days feeling like I was wearing the heaviness I felt in my heart. That my worries could be seen on my face. The forced smile told on my broken heart. So to hear the words "happy looks good on you" was like a prescription to wear it with pride.  It was as if in that moment I signed a release giving myself permission to be happy.

I'm no stranger to being honest with you and telling you how hard I have had to fight for my happy.  I've been transparent in showing you the dark. If for no other reason I've shared this space with you to let you know to keep going. Keep walking through.  The load will get lighter. Your days will get brighter.  I feel qualified to say it because I've lived it. 

I threw it out there again in my latest video where I challenged you to "just go be happy." As soon as those words crossed my lips I realized people may think, "yeah, that is easier said than done."  It's not easy.  Not easy to just say or just do.  I get it.

It is a choice. Every single day. Some days a fight. Some days a flow.

With every fiber of my being I believe in being happy. I believe in choosing to allow my happiness to express the joy manifested in my world.  I choose to let happy look good on me.


  1. Happy is indeed a choice. Some days a harder choice than others but realizing that we control that part of our lives is liberating. Yes, happy looks good on you!

    1. I'm so grateful for the choice and the strength to choose happy. Thank you love!


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