27 June 2015

Book Review: God Help the Child

"What you do to children matters. And they might never forget."

I recently read Toni Morrison's contemporary book God Help the Child and the above quote stuck out for me.  Published on April 21, 2015, this is Ms. Morrison's first book to be set in modern times.  What I loved most about the book is that until I logged in to Goodreads to review the book, I had forgotten that it was meant to be set in modern times.  That is a quality and virtue of Ms. Morrison's writing that I enjoy.

Bride, the main character at the center of the story, is a picture of resilience and the complication that comes from longing to be wanted as a child and becoming in adulthood.  The journey of love, longing, and searching for what will last.

God Help the Child was a very quick read and left me wanting more. I wanted to get to know Bride more, I wanted to know Booker, Bride's lover, more, especially at the end of the story.  I would have loved for this book to have taken me longer to read and to get to know the characters on a more intimate level.

For those who love Ms. Morrison's previous works, you may feel like this one doesn't quite match your love.  Still, in Toni Morrison fashion, she gives us a look at the intersection of race and colorism in a realist way.

I would love to hear your thoughts on God Help the Child after you have the chance to pick up the book here.

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