03 July 2015

Single moms vacay club

This is the story of what happens when you text your good good girlfriend and say "hey, let's go on family vacay together," and her immediate response is "ok!"

One day I just thought to myself "self, it'd be so cool for you and some of your single mom friends to plan family vacations together so that our kids can have fun with their friends." So our recent trip to Denver was a test on that idea and it proved to be a great idea ( thank you, thank you very much). 

I know my little guy was so excited! All day he kept asking when are we going on vacation. I think the anticipation and excitement wore him out! 

Of course two single mamas traveling with kiddos need lots of God's protection and maybe a good luck charm.  Shae found it in a rest stop bathroom and washed it and everything! 

The boys could not wait to get to the pool when we arrived at the hotel. We must have looked like we had been trying to tame lions rolling into the lobby because the woman at the concierge desk gave us free drink tickets for the rooftop lounge (mommy score)!

Dining in was about all we had left in us.

Of course food must always remain a main attraction when traveling and in life.

And we discovered a way to day drink (disguised as milkshakes for the kids and mudslides for the adults).

Denver has these really neat painted pianos all along the 16th Street mall. They lend themselves to the opportunity for interesting conversations. 

Boys love baseball.

And momies deserve a wind down.

Because mama always said....

They may be friends forever just like their moms are. 


  1. How awesome. Looks as though you all had a wonderful adventure! I love it. Makes for lasting memories and friendships;)


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