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Unbreakable Family Week 1

Last week we started a new sermon series at my church called Unbreakable Family.  I can't tell you personally all the reasons the timing of this series are perfect for me and my family but it is. I hadn't intended to write about the series but several friends in my social spaces have asked for me to share the notes.  So I'm glad to have a reason to review my own notes and dig a little deeper. The first week was about values and Pastor Galen asked us what kind of values do you live by in your home?  One of the things I valued so much about this message is that it aligned so well with what I teach parents on a weekly basis.  The idea that we are the temperature gauge in our homes. We as the parents set the tone. We are the ones who direct the way our family goes.  So many times I meet parents who want us to "fix" their kids and what I always hear is "help me grow up."  The question "what kind of values do you live by in your home" is one we all…

An open letter to the Albuquerque Public School Board

As the mother of a child in the Albuquerque Public School system, I'm appalled and infuriated that someone facing four counts of child sexual abuse would be hired by our school district, let alone be placed in one of the highest positions in the district, and allowed to begin work and collect on his handsome salary without a background check. 

It's frightening really.  It makes me ask the question who else could have possibly passed through the APS background check loophole and could potentially be working in my son's school?  How do I have confidence that every employee and volunteer in the APS has a cleared background check when one of its highest officials was out on pretrial release for very serious child sexual abuse allegations?  Do you see how that would lend to us parents having zero confidence in you?

The start of the school year is one of the most exciting times for our children and for us as parents.  The day before school we arrived at the school only to lear…

First day of school jitters

"Hi, I am David's mother.  What's your name?  Do you have a plan?" That was my introduction to the teacher standing in my son's 2nd grade classroom on the first day of school.  The teacher with the guest badge hanging around his neck who was obviously confused as to what the day was going to hold.  Who didn't know he was supposed to meet the class on the playground because no one knew the drill yet.  Not the most exciting way to leave your eager 7 year old on the first day.
Regardless of my mommy panic, Munchkin was still very excited.  I bottled up the concern I'm certain was written all over my face in order to send him off in good spirits and spoke to several parents outside the classroom. We all agreed we were going to speak with the administration because they owed us an explanation.

I called and left the principal a voicemail on my drive to work.  I learned later in the day that his assigned teacher had been on maternity leave since April.  So why …