05 September 2015

August Planning in Review

I finally got it together and posted the video on the planner I've been using for 2015.  For the first half of the year I've been on again off again using it to the fullest because you know...life gets busy and full. I think as with anything, in order to get the full benefit of a beautiful planner like this you have to be intentional about using it so you can maximize it. 
So that is exactly what I've been trying to do. Be intentional about using my planner to the fullest.
The things I love about the KIT Life planner are the daily gratitude boxes, the daily quotes at the bottom, and the all around feel good vibe the journal has.  (I'm highly stimulated by beautiful, bright colors).  Some of the things I found challenging are that I'm usually a monthly/weekly planner person and the KIT Life has daily pages.  That makes it more difficult to see your full week laid out and also makes it quite a bit thicker.  The monthly layout was also rather condensed on one page and the daily squares were a bit small to write in. 
So as I started learning more about the fabulous planner community that exists out there on Instagram and Youtube, I learned a few tricks and decided to try something new.  I'm really trying to embrace the daily pages although I still struggle not having a weekly view.   I've decided to use the monthly spread as a reflective tool to chronicle my month in review so we can see what was so great about that month!  Almost like a scrapbook.
The new Kit Life 2016 planner was just released on September 1st for preorder.  I'm 95% committed that will be the planner I use next year although I may also introduce one that is a bit easier to carry in my purse.  I'm feeling some anxiety over this decision!
What planners are you using and what do you love about each?  I like to try not to go with what everyone is doing which I think is my resistance to trying an EC.  I'm thinking of getting the KIT Life Crown Edition and then perhaps the Happy Life Planner for daily stuff.  Oh my...so many decisions.  I also keep a separate paper calendar just for work!

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