28 December 2015


9:15 AM

I haven't been writing much lately.  I've actually been in my own little corner doing my own little thing.  This week I'm entering into a reflection mode as we prepare for the new year, so I wanted to share a bit of those reflections as they come to me.

Last December I created this map for areas concerning my financial goals.  When I saw this post in my "On This Day" review, I paused to express gratitude that God is often working on our prayers and making things happen even if we don't realize it.

1. Give - I wanted 2015 to be a year of giving.  I was so excited and grateful to be able to participate in our church's building campaign (not that kind of building fund) to build a new auditorium for our children's ministry.  By the grace of God I was able to stretch and give more and see the new auditorium actually be built.

2. Debt free- Debt sucks. So I sat out this year to get busy busting it.  I paid off more debt in 2015 than I could have imagined. Seriously, I'm not sure how I did it. All I can say is the Dave Ramsey debt snowball really does work.

3. Buy the new house - check.  An answered prayer all in my prayer journal.

4. Save - I saved this year, then bought a new house, so I'm setting to save out even more in 2016.

5. Be - just be.  I have everything I need. Life is beautiful. I am at peace.  2015 was a great year of no expectations and full of the opportunity to just be.

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