25 September 2016

Colin Kaepernick is bae

I really don't need to say anymore.  

I've been saying people with a platform need to take a stand. I didn't want any Black athletes to travel to Rio for the olympics to represent the USA. I realize that is a big thing to ask. That is the dichotomy of being Black in America.  Black athletes representing a country and winning gold medals in the name of a country who doesn't fully see us. 

So Kaepernick gets all my love for taking a stand by taking his seat.  Personal protests have always been the catalyst for greater awareness and action. 

Let me tell you a quick story. This summer at our Scentsy convention, Orville gave a moving and authentic speech that touched on the current times. I could see how he genuinely felt about what he was saying. There was a moment where this quote by a Scentsy consultant's husband was placed on the screen. I realized when he said "he's Black", everyone remained seated, but when he said "and he's a cop" everyone stood up and clapped.  I've talked to others and they observed the same thing. 

My sister and I sat. I looked at her and said "I don't feel like standing up in my struggle". 

The reality is, I'm connected to a lot of the same people who were standing up around me on social media and they never say anything about what is happening to us. So while the moment absolutely felt genuine, it felt fleeting. So I sat. 

I've had people delete me on social media for "forcing racism down their throat", I've lost customers because I choose to speak up about injustice, I've had a church pastor call my speech "hate mail". I've seen as people not so subtly imply who they will vote for this election, someone whose speech and actions has offended every race and religion except one. 

We can't always be expected to stand in our struggle. Sometimes we just need to take a seat. 

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