19 October 2016

Queen Sugar Ep. 7 Recap - So this is what it looks like

Note: I am not going in the business of writing recaps. This episode requires some processing for me, so I'm writing to do just that.

If you haven't been watching the masterpiece that is Queen Sugar by Ava Duverney on OWN, you should start now. Whatever you are doing, leave work, take a break, sit down and watch.

Last week's episode opened with Charley laying in the chair and ottoman, motionless, emotionless, just laying there after learning the truth about her husband. I can't even describe the emotions I felt during this scene because I knew it. I've been there before. I was texting one of my girlfriends and she said "so this is what it looks like". That one image, with Charley laying there, barely moving, barely breathing, is familiar.  What Ava captured in art fully imitated life.

Then there was Ralph Angel. Gosh if I don't know that man. The man with so much bottled up inside. The man that finds his worth in his work yet nothing is really working. The man that expects everyone to give to him, do for him, trust him when he's done nothing to gain that trust in the first place. The man that would spend an afternoon with a random woman and miss out on the joy of seeing his son play. Jesus. I know that man.

As if my heart wasn't going through somersaults already, there's the closing with Aunt Violet and Hollywood.  So much in that scene.  I wanted so badly for Aunt Violet to believe Hollywood and trust him but I also understand how hurt she is and how quickly we move into operation protect our hearts.  I believe Hollywood is a good man that was trying to do the right thing but the answer to that situation just wasn't there. Not yet.

Chile I was emotionally spent after watching this episode. Lawd.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of Queen Sugar?

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